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Keynote & motivational speaker

Suzie gives a powerful, insightful and honest keynote and motivational address.  Her ability to connect with the audience, educate and inspire, ensures a memorable experience for all. 


Current keynote and motivational topics include:


Patients as leaders in health governance

The empowered patient experience


Flourishing in the face of adversity


Finding strength and success through vulnerability


Redefining success


Flourishing with chronic disease


The power of self-advocacy

Chronic disease and the self management of co-morbidities



"We were privileged to have her share with us her courageous story of living with the musculoskeletal disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Suzie’s youthful beauty belies the daily battle she in fact has to wage to ‘make lemonade from lemons’.  After her talk we understood better the severity, prevalence and impact of this disease… so choose empowerment over victimhood.  And finally, use your experience to enrich the lives of others."   (Vera Payne, WA Self Funded Retirees Inc.)































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Book Suzie as a Keynote or Motivational Speaker at your next event.

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