Medical Schools


Lectures give students a unique insight into living with a musculoskeletal disease from a patient perspective.  This enhances the understanding of essential interpersonal and communication skills and complements scientific foundations and clinical training in rheumatology. 


Students gain an imperative understanding of:


  • What it is like to live with a musculoskeletal disease

  • The importance and function of the patient/doctor relationship

  • The implications of comorbidities on the the patient and treating team dynamics

  • The impact of musculoskeletal disease on the family unit

  • The impact of musculoskeletal disease on the patients role in society

  • The impact of musculoskeletal disease on pregnancy and parenting

  • How to encourage the patient to stay positive while living with a chronic illness

  • The role of complementary therapies in treating musculoskeletal disease

  • Patient advocacy and empowerment

  • Patient experience and the Australian health system


Sessions are always well received by students and include a vibrant and valuable question and answer time.



Allied Health Care Professionals


All health professionals that work with people living with a musculoskeletal disease (or other chronic illness) benefit from hearing Suzie speak.


This includes (but is not limited to):


  • Chiropractors

  • Pharmacists

  • Nurses

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Physiotherapists

  • Movement Therapists

  • Dietitians

  • Psychologists

  • Massage Therapists

  • Naturopaths and other complementary therapists

  • Podiatrists




The consumer voice is vital to enhance the clinical training of medical, nursing and allied health professionals.  Suzie offers a unique opportunity to share her extensive 18 years lived experience of chronic disease to enhance healthcare education.

- University of Western Australia (Faculty of Medical, Dentistry and Health Sciences) 2006-2020

Notre Dame University (School of Medicine) 2006-2020

- Murdoch University (School of Health Professions - Chiropractic Clinic) 2016-2020

- Notre Dame University (School of Nursing and Midwifery) 2019

- Curtin University (Medical School) 2019



"Suzie’s involvement in our course has been invaluable.


She uses her experience and perspective to communicate the building blocks of the ideal doctor-patient relationship and offers tangible strategies on how students can develop the required skills for such a relationship. 


She approaches designing the session with a collaborative approach, with a wonderful balance of knowing what information to share and the ability to tailor that information to the specific level of our students at this stage in their course, so that it integrates with their existing knowledge.


Her sessions have been delivered with respect, positivity and humour.


In recent years, Suzie’s sessions have been run with a student panel facilitating the discussion which has engaged the student group and given leadership opportunities to those on the panel."


Dr Helen Wilcox - MB BS(Hons) DCH FRACGP

Associate Professor, Discipline of General Practice,

School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Health Care, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

University of Western Australia


Student feedback has been uniformly positive:

“best seminar we have had”


“reminds me of why I wanted to become a doctor”

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