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Living with a chronic illness can feel...




and exhausting. 


While loved ones and friends can tirelessly love and support you, it is difficult for them to truly understand what you live with everyday. 


Connecting with people who live with challenges like yours, is a powerful and necessary step in living a full and satisfying life. 


Giving Voice mentoring and advocacy programs are designed to share the lived experiences of someone that truly understands you - so you feel...




and heard.


Allow me to guide you, as you find your authenic and confident voice on your health journey and in your life.



Suzie Edward May

Personalised one-on-one session with a Health Mentor.


Sessions are designed to support, inform and empower you with a particular issue related to your chronic health condition/s.

Personalised one-on-one 4 week program with a Health Mentor.


This program is designed to support, guide and empower you as you navigate through a range of issues related to living with your chronic health condition/s.

Program currently being designed.

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